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The AP AFWB (American Football Without Barriers) and China Hailong American football invite all 8 to 22 years of age rugby players and enthusiasts to participate in joint training camp will be held on 9-10 March, from the Carolina Panthers[microblogging] five outstanding active and Seattle Seahawks NFL players taught you how to play football.The activity invited to 5 active NFL players from the Carolina Panthers wide receiver Steve - Smith was selected by the NFL All-Star, Carolina Panthers running back D'Angelo - Williams (DeAngelo Williams), defensive end Thomas - Kaiser (Thomas Keiser) and tight end Gary - Bani Qi (Gary Barnidge) and Seattle Seahawks offensive tackle Breno - Giacomini Breno Giacomini.The age of 8 to 14 players, this is an excellent opportunity for a face-to-face to active NFL good players to learn the techniques and skills of American football.Players from 15 to 22 years of age, in addition to learning motor skills, NFL players to attend the training camp will be your training test results and the performance of the video back to the United States to demonstrate to the NCAA Division 1 college football team, the outstanding will have the opportunity to get top U.S. NCAA College team sports scholarship to play at the University of the United States.The second day of training camp, NFL players will be fully equipped skills training. The end of the event, will arrange for the campers participate in training camp and the NFL players, photo and signature.After the end of training camp, we selected the best performing Dragon players aged between 17 to 19 years of age, a cost to the United States to participate in the NCAA college team audition. This is a special award only in the spring of 2013, Dragon players.Non-Dragon players although there is no special award for the selection of qualified training results and the performance of the video will still be sent to U.S. college teams. If you are outstanding, the U.S. NCAA college scholarships.

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Ticker February 4, the 47th Super Bowl NFL [microblogging] ended in New Orleans, Baltimore Ravens got his wish to win the championship, 34 to 31 victory over the San Francisco 49ers. Ravens linebacker Ray - Lewis got the perfect career ending, his last fight to win in his career to win the Super Bowl, his brilliant career in such a way to say goodbye.Lewis in this Super Bowl performance is not as good as the last time he captured the Super Bowl MVP is so eye-catching, but his defensive performance is still considered stable, the audience has 3 tackles to lead the team, he is also the field to complete grapple the highest number of players. Lewis Ravens defensive core and spiritual leaders, and other teammates that he was present when the defense will be more confident, which is the Ravens in the first half to suppress live 49-person team to attack. Brought no small impact on the third quarter of unexpected power outage Ravens defensive rhythm, even veteran like Lewis was also affected, the Ravens almost lost by the wayside. But in the end the Ravens hold the advantage, whatever they wanted to win the Super Bowl champion, Lewis end his career.Throughout his career Lewis leaving behind numerous brilliant achievements. 13 All-Star bowl, seven-time Associated Press All-Star team, three times named to the second team, won two Super Bowl titles, and once the Super Bowl MVP, got the MVP of the Super Bowl as a defensive player this is a rare case. The Super Bowl in 2000, he helped the Ravens win 34 to 7 win over the New York Giants, Lewis was elected MVP excellent defensive performance, he became the second to get the Super Bowl MVP linebacker. In 2000 and 2003, he twice was named the NFL's best defensive player of the Year, he is also the history of the only one of at least 40 sack and 30 steals players. The occasion of the 2010 NFL established for 90 years, selected the 100 greatest players, Lewis topped the 18. In addition, Lewis was the fastest to enter 20 Qinsha / 20 steals and 30 sack / 30 steals player, he was elected to the NFL Hall of Fame is only a matter of time.

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This season, Lewis announced that he would retire after this season, his departure was a bit sad, especially Ravens fans. Since 1996 Ravens selected, he put the entire career dedicated to the Ravens, he not only is the mainstay of the team defense, but also the spiritual leader of the team. Perhaps inspired by Lewis retired message Ravens this season all the way through, continuous beat good teams to do so to win the Super Bowl, Lewis's career this way on one of the most perfect full stop.Lewis not only in the NFL with a high position is the same sports in the United States, as there are a number of big players in the NBA [microblogging] arena he praised Bryant - Bryant and Tracy McGrady [microblogging] have praised the legendary NFL players. Bryant was originally opened Twitter, concern 5 people in the name of Lewis. On his Twitter for retiring Lewis, Bryant wrote: "Good Luck! - Ray Lewis, motivate my man, you are a true legend." Bryant good strong character, able to get his evaluation not many people, this is not difficult to see the status of Lewis in sports.Tracy McGrady also said on Twitter: "- Ray Lewis, grateful to have such a fellow from Bator, he is so inspiring."Be able to win the esteem of other professional league's top players, this is another achievement of the Lewis career, which also illustrates the extent of his influence. For such a legendary star with the Super Bowl champion as a curtain call, this is the most perfect results. With the ending of the 47th Super Bowl, Lewis' career came to an end, let us borrow Bryant's words, I wish him the best of luck!

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The 0-17 the backward reverse the Falcons of the NFL (NFC), the League of Nations finals San Francisco 49ers into the Super Bowl, if the Super Bowl trophy 49 team won the Super Bowl six times, and Pittsburgh Steelers NFL United StatesUnion (AFC) final Patriot was reversed after 12 years of the Baltimore Mowu crow return to the Super Bowl, the game hot, sparkling equipment and boots the same people concerned.The first is the the latest NFL equipment suppliers NIKE launch of the Super Bowl XLVII shirt, Elite 51 uniforms are simple and fortitude, white purple color the Baltimore, Mowu crow team and the red and gold color of the San Francisco 49ers, with the same color of the Nike Elite 51 Innovation boots, fly line body of the shoe to reduce the quality of the tongue, beautiful metal chassis to more quickly and sturdy shoes.Signing players for the Baltimore Mowu crow team launched a Super Bowl special boots, Ray Lewis's 13-time Pro Bowl All-Star commemorate the Golden Boot, the star of of Baltimore Mowu crow, crow defensive midfielder as the the NFL equipment bulk of Under Armour the Haloti Ngata Under Armour Renegade, to help the ankle strap for added security as well as a pair of Under Armour Nitro Icon Low will Ravens players feet.Interesting to note that the equipment arrived in New Orleans venue, the San Francisco 49er team is neat Air Jordan appearance, simple track suit with the classic Air Jordan Bulls home color. A good game, the player's top-level equipment to bring more good condition, the annual Super Bowl, we enjoy the game.

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Pro Bowl is different from the the Superbowl ~ is the NFL's All-Star Game, each year after the end of the finals of the Super Bowl week at the resort in Hawaii. The Pro Bowl to be held each year on behalf of the official end of the NFL season.NFL (American Football League), the nation's first major sports. Its ratings the MLB NBA sum three times. Star Bowl (Pro Bowl) All-Star Game, held after the end of the NFL regular season, the playoffs (including the Shan-level bowl). Since 1970 years ago, the United States Football League (AFL) co-Jian, the game was officially called the Midland League of Nations star bowl (AFC-NFC Pro Bowl) game against both the United States American Football Federation (AFC) and elected by the National Council of American football (NFC) All-Star team. 1980 every year in January will be held in HawaiiNFL 2013 Pro Bowl will be held U.S. local time on January 25-28, the game live from 7:00 in the evening of January 27 down to business began to be held at Aloha Stadium in Honolulu, Hawaii (Aloha Stadium). The high ratings of course, can also bring brand exposure, Nike Adidas and Under Armour sports brand will launch a new dazzling equipment allow players to play with.2012 Nike NFL jerseys cooperation contract just won of course, is the introduction of the 2013 NFL Pro Bowl game uniforms, innovative Elite 51 Series game jersey joined in 1970 inspired retro means a new design of NFL jerseys on, red and white AFC jersey chest with the word "America", blue and white NFC chest National font.In addition to the shirt, the boots of the brand sponsored players also one of the highlights from Adidas miadidas adizero 5-Star Cleats a beautiful mercury spilled texture to create a sense of speed silver boots, and then with the details of the different colors of the red and blue shine NFL All-Star texture.Under Armour brand in the field of basketball has gradually been known for UA main NFL market, on the 2013 Pro Bowl's player Arian Foster, Julio Jones, Jason Pierre-Paul and Joe Thomas to create a series of boots, silver general and then with The color of each player team crafted details of the body of the shoe fabric printed with the Hawaiian tribal pattern, so that the whole pair of shoes more eye-catching.2013 NFL Pro Bowl this weekend perfect ending, multi-brand launched to attract your highlights?