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Staff of companies and inspectors need to control the action of u with strict raw materials used in production.The materials are divided into two types:. Leather and fabric skin was always fundamental to the success of the brand Prada, is part of the history of Prada nearly one hundred years. Mario Prada technology advanced skin quality is different accumulated experience has value, and the processing of this type of skin is mostly traditional two transmission still young Mario Prada heritage. Prada uses only about 2.2 million meters of various types of leather for leather goods, bags, rice, shoes and our composition. Before shipment to the central production facilities, companies should be based on a variety of quality control should add a skin to provide the best for the skin for the quality of manufactured products and services.Select tanneries, not only to examine craftsmanship, but also examines their ability to meet the needs of the Department of Planning Building. Many tanneries Italian has advanced technology, especially in the python and alligator skin treated.Edit leather craft is ancient, many sites still do it by hand. Tanning process a number of factors (temperature, water, air, moisture, skin type, etc.), the sector generates more independent in Italy to complete the process of tanning, because the whole can not complete the whole process. Italy unique tanning process is traditionally time.History now, the skin quality excellent in Prada able to emphasize the physical appearance of the skin, and to avoid the use of chemicals or dyes, to maintain the gloss of all skin types and texture of the fish. This streamlines the process of skin aging, and skin during the year's most stylish and elegant.PRADA Group, in accordance with the needs of the time and work each year with approximately four million meters of various fabrics (silk, bell, cotton, linen, high-tech fabrics, etc.), and the ratio of the same project. Noted above, most of these fabrics (such as silk printing) Brand designed for different production teams,according to the Department of Planning to be chosen for the difference in tread kits,and other factors.

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Today, the Prada brand including a male and female models of skin, and clothing, footwear, Innovator, mix quality, superior design and sophisticated and modern handmade products pe is unique. Moreover, Prada eyeglasses are active in the aroma and mobile phones.Prada's vision is not limited to information industry :: art, architecture, vision, philosophy and is the main part of the value of the brand Prada.All production activities, groups can PRADA successful strategic industry standards with stringent quality craftsmanship and outstanding combined and incorporated into the production process. Equally important, no relentless pursuit of excellent team and Innovator of process equipment, and organization.Group stage of the process generated by controlled directly Prada - from the selection of raw materials market (including external providers), to design the prototype of the production process and the planning and coordination of the production process from the outside. Developmental continuity of expertise within the warranty Technical longer to achieve reliable Innovator products Prada and production promises to improve the process. Spirit and the value of manual techniques is always every production process has a property value for the whole group brand.Prada important raw materials, because the materials are decisive factors in determining the quality of the production process. Prada procurement of raw materials, through the institutions in enterprises, organizations are only able to provide equipment high quality raw materials. This is the standard without compromise.In many cases, the materials produced by this group PRADA A strict and specific design industry and market segments have. Action not only to ensure that raw materials are used to ensure the quality of the products above, but also can provide the product labels Prada sanctions that the original quality.

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The Brand Prada luxury to reproduce gender-Prada bag Galleria - difficulties incarnation and stylish leather Saffiano Friends of Prada (checkered leather embossed) available ..A prototype of the movie was "Devil Wears Prada has," the United States "Vogue" magazine Editor Anna Wintour, not only to show the importance of price, our delicious and elegance has attracted a number of media development for a target. During the first years of the new, from New York to London to Milan, Anna Wintour is always the focus of the lens in our collection week. For example, in 2013 writing week winter in New York and London week update: 2013 autumn and winter, BOBO head compact and neat with big sunglasses in brown shirt appearance often full Reiki Anna Wintour's Prada from New York to London, or a red rose or gray dress highlights of elegance.PRADA Group, in accordance with the needs of the seasons and a series of works annually with approximately four million meters of various fabrics. The R & D efforts Prada persistent help to pioneer in the field of image and luxury to create and trends, we are looking for.The attention to detail in design as possible in each building contains excellent for the elements of the offense of strange, contradictory, and sets the stage paved. Official Miu Miu for the design and sensitive heart. MiucciaPrada updated with a believable idea to build the world MiuMiu independent. Not only gives us a new brand, but opened up a new way of communication.In recent years, awareness of the industry: significant ceremonies Film Festival, Prada, Miu Miu is always the focus of women often.

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Content personnel inspection found that the brand PRADA bag with more than 35,000 yuan in cash, the number of yen, the bank has more than 10 iPad has two Chinese tobacco. The so precious, rare in a ground for the program. Consider the loss of valuable big these practices-on luggage, passengers are anxious control bar girls tried their best to take the initiative to find information passengers. Information found, officials immediately call another phone is off.About 17:00, officers received calls from passengers boarded prototype, but the plane and found that backpack has disappeared, Show Caller ID requested only that backpack has gotten. Visitors come to Tianjin, and hopefully after the holidays and then take back to Dalian. Officials said passengers Laos backpack safety and no problem.Play photos of Prada -. Prada handbag Galleria Incarnation is difficult and stylish, this set of leather bags Prada Saffiano friends (plaid embossed leather) and the Galleria series of bags with a variety of colors.On the night of February 2, Mr. Le's capital when buying Prada wallet price 4,300 yuan. The next day, Mr. Le friends purse, but she said one hundredth hole in your wallet, prominent flowers."I did not find the time to get the wallet damage arising in particular, flowers are not very big, but look carefully you can find." Said Le, wallet when you give back the meter, the meter is responsible for the first Images and photos sent to Hong Kong for verification.Official says "At that time, a fast day to mak than three days, and I will respond. February 5, I received a reply." Yue if you try to find the relevant departments of the capital Staff help the community, but no news. "I hope that resistance will be renewable for my job."On the afternoon of February 5, Mr. Le received the replacement from fears about the quality of goods, musical staff Youxiang counter proposal to replace drainage. The workers lived in the decision to return.PRADA promised to return, but denied that there are no quality problems.